Two-Weapon Fighting Hacks


Last week we explored the mechanics and design goals of two-weapon fighting. This week, we’re going to examine some hacks to make it more competitive with other fighting styles. Feel free to borrow pieces of these to spruce up two-weapon fighting in your game. While the goal is to achieve a system that fits into the existing ruleset like a puzzle piece, it may be that one hack works better than another depending on party composition.

Main Hand Strength, Off-Hand Dexterity

Fighting with two weapons requires a special combination of strength and dexterity. Perhaps this should reflect in the mechanics. In this version of two-weapon fighting, one attack is made by adding the strength modifier to attack and damage, while the other is made by adding the dexterity modifier to attack and damage.

In most cases, this will temper the damage of the second attack, since its drawing from multiple…

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