How Strong Is Sharpshooter?


In January of 2018, I ran a poll asking D&D players about feat strength. Nearly 60% felt that the Sharpshooter feat is «broken»:


Are they right? If so, when? Nobody is always right—except the Dungeon Master.

To find out, I built a calculator to determine the benchmarks where Sharpshooter is advantageous to use. Introducing «The Sharpshooter Shot Chart» to determine the best times to use your Sharpshooter mechanic.

«The Sharpshooter Shot Chart»
The Shot Chart

Using The Sharpshooter Shot Chart

  1. Input your statistics
    • Level
    • Relevant Ability Score
      • Dexterity for most ranged weapons
      • Strength for most thrown weapons
    • Weapon
      • All Ranged Weapons listed in dropdown
      • Also some higher damage ranges included
      • If you want a +1 weapon, increase the «Ability Score» by 2
  2. Input the Target’s Cover
    • No Cover adds +0 Armor Class (AC)
    • Half Cover adds +2 Armor Class (AC)
    • Three-Quarters Cover adds +5 Armor Class (AC)
  3. Results!
    • Advantage/Disadvantage
      • Regular…

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