«Beast Builder» CR Calculator for Rangers and Druids


The Beastmaster Ranger has long been plagued by the squishy-ness of its animal companion. While the Revised Ranger tackled some of the action economy issues for the Beastmaster, it did not address the underlying issue: that the beast is supposed to be the highlight of the show.

Shapeshifting Druids are also plagued by unimpressive beast stats, but from more of a flavor perspective. A Druid who has built their backstory around being raised by wolves can shapeshift into a wolf, then a dire wolf, then a winter wolf, then what? A T-Rex? It would comport a lot more with the flavor of the Druid to be able to keep that same form as it become the more powerful «alpha» wolf.

The Solution: «Beast Builder»

The elegant solution is to scale the beast’s stats until they are in line with your class level. This makes the beast (companion or form) effective…

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