Colonialism in D&D. A Rebuttal.

Grumpy Wizard

The Dweller in the Forbidden City blog posted about a Twitter poll they did on the question of colonialism in D&D. Here is a snip.

The author seems to be surprised by the amount of vitriol they received as a result of this poll question. I don’t find it surprising at all. The internet is an megaphone for jerks. Human beings respond most intensely to negative emotion. Look at your social media feeds. What gets shared the most? This guy said that crazy thing. That group of people did this awful thing. Divisiveness and negativity get clicks. It’s a fact that is well known by marketers.

Twitter is full of negativity, cynicism and people sniping at each other. Most people don’t use it because of the negativity. Many people who do use Twitter, enjoy that little burst of dopamine from the fights on the platform. That’s what they are there…

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