Leuku’s Discussion on Innovative Homebrew Class Design

Весьма годная статья про создание собственных классов в рамках пятой редакции.

Leuku's Balanced Homebrew for DnD 5e

Leuku’s Discussion on Innovative Class Design

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Hello, my name is Leuku, and this is the much-too-long delayed sequel to my prior article, “Guide to Balancing (and Judging the Balance of) Homebrew Classes”. Today’s article is a discussion on design creativity in 5e homebrew class mechanics. This is a discussion as opposed to a guide because creativity has even fewer, if at all, identifiable objective rules or limitations. We can compare and contrast damage numbers, but not whether it is better (or worse) to be parasitically infested by an eldritch octopus or an interspecies child of one.

In the following discussion, I will:

A) Make a distinction between homebrew class feature design that is driven byMechanicsversusNarrative

B) Expand onNarrativeand its core components:Lore,Story, andTone

C) Expand on

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