Azundel’s Purification

Azundel’s Purification

7th abjuration

Range:10 ft

Components:V, S, M


Casting Time:1 action

Target: One item or a volume of liquid or raw materials no greater than the caster’s body volume

Similar to Obar’s lesser purification, this more potent spell destroys any curses, magical tracers linked to other spells or magics, and remnants of previous magics from a single nonliving item (which may be composed of any number of materials) or a single body of liq¬uid (in puddle form or filling a container). In addition, Azundel’s purification expunges any existing wizard spells or special spell-like abilities imposed by a wizard on an item without setting them off.

Note that such magics are not identified, but simply obliterated. The spell causes its target material to glow to indicate the presence of active or not-yet-unleashed priest spells or priest-imposed spell-like abilities in the item or substances the spell is applied to that are not removed by this spell. It does not trigger, alter, or identify such dweomers, nor does it destroy or remove them.

Azundel’s purification affects dry or powdered materials of the same volume as a liquid if they are gathered into a heap or contin¬uous volume (for example, filling a cup or coffer), but does not affect recently living materials, such as the bodies of beings who have been dead for less than a month or who are now undead. Azundel’s purification also serves to purge liquids —such as those used in the making of potions or magic-related unguents, baths, or tinctures —of impurities, either natural or magical in origin. It performs this secondary function simultaneously with its major dweomer-related purging.

If this spell is cast twice on the same item or material, regardless of how much time elapses between the castings, all component 

parts of the item are rendered as fine as possible. All internal and visible imperfections are removed, and the craftsmanship of the material’s shaping and adornment, plus the nature of the material itself is raised to the finest possible state. A crude cudgel or a toy sword, for example, could be transformed into exceptional show¬pieces by this spell, items fine enough to take the most powerful and complex magical enchantments.

The material components of this spell are a pinch of dust from a powdered focal stone, a flawless diamond of any size or value, and at least three drops of a potion of sweet water.

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